Different Types of Marine Air Conditioning

Marine air conditioning is different from most land air conditioning. It uses water cooling rather than air cooling. This is preferable because of the abundance of water and lack of space.  Marine air conditioners range from simple to complicated units. Below are two different types of Marine air conditioners.

Refrigerant Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner produces dry cool air. Similar to a refrigeration system, it is based on the principle of evaporating and condensing a refrigerant. It uses a closed loop with a high and low pressure side. The refrigerant gas temperature rises rapidly on the high pressure side due to the compressor. Then the condenser cools and turns it into a liquid. The warm liquid passes into the low pressure side and evaporates back into a gas through the evaporator. In order for this to work, the evaporator needs heat energy coming from the room you wish to cool.

There are two distinct types of Refrigerant Air Conditioning System for marine use. One is the Direct Expansion System which is available in self-contained or split systems. This is more common on mid-range boats.

Another is the Chiller Water System. This is generally housed in the machinery space and pipes that run to each of the air handlers. Cold water is made in the chiller and run through the pipes, and then through the air handlers. This is a more complicated system to install, however it suits larger vessels.

Evaporative air conditioners

This type of air conditioning system uses evaporative cooling from water or ice. The cool air from the water or ice is blown via a fan, to cool down a small area.  It is simpler and much cheaper. It also does not need complicated installation.

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